#LibDay8 – Wednesday

Busy day was busy! I didn’t even get to look at Twitter once, that’s the mark of a busy day for a twitter addict like me.

One of the Library Assistants that I line manage returned to work today after a years maternity leave, hurrah! D is a lovely lady and an important part of the team, so it’s great to have her back even if she has reduced her hours (entirely understandable with a one year old who isn’t exactly happy about mum disappearing for hours at a time!) So when I got in at 9am I spent some time catching up with her while we shelf tidied; which is something that all Library staff do for half an hour every morning unless they’re on a desk; it keeps the shelves in order and looking tidy and also helps us find lost and hidden items.

After that, we shut ourselves in a meeting room so that I could deliver some intensive Aleph training*; when D was last here we still had our old LMS so Aleph is completely new to her. I used existing training materials as a guide but quite frankly, she’s probably going to remember very little of it and she’ll get more knowledge out of actually being on the desk! I went through the fundamentals with her then pointed her to the training site and emphasised that I was always happy to be interrupted if there was something she didn’t understand.

By that point it was 12 and therefore lunchtime, after that I passed D on to other staff for more training, while I caught up on my emails. About 15 more Bank Holiday volunteers, all of whom got a standard “thank you for volunteering, I’ll be in touch with your hours in the near future” reply. A couple of emails from another of my Library Assistants about an Aleph procedurate which may not be working for us, which I had to flag to look at later this week. Details of the Sharepoint 2010 training that I have to go on in a fortnight. And also the news from the System team that I’ve been waiting for regarding my invoicing project; an important development has finally happened and I have a fair bit of work before the next step takes place.

I was supervising from 1 – 5:30pm so I made my way to the Sortation room to find a hive of activity, but thankfully my luck was in and it was actually a really quiet afternoon with very little to bother me. The highlights were:

  • Fixing the returns unit. Twice.**
  • Unjamming and cleaning the ID card printer in an attempt to get it limping along for the final two weeks that we need it, which worked***
  • Helping a student who had been mugged and had no ID
  • Reporting a problem with the ladies loos to the FM Desk
  • More impromptu Aleph training, including the unwelcome discovery that someone had actually issued a reference only book to a student at the Helpdesk. After hopping with rage for 5 minutes, I sent a (possibly quite sarcastic) email to all staff asking them to please not override any messages unless they were completely sure that they understood what they meant…
  • Speculating with a Student Assistant about changing the text on their uniform T Shirts from Library Staff to Library Fairy. What? It’s work related!

Such a quiet afternoon had to be taken advantage of, so I steamed ahead with my invoicing work which was incredibly finicky and really rather boring so I won’t give you too many details. Suffice to say that copying and pasting the details of all items that are about to be invoiced from a 260 page long Word document into an Excel document so that it can be sorted by classmark and therefore shelfchecked is a tragic waste of anyone’s time and I really hope that the Systems team can come up with a better option for me! This and other related tasks took up the majority of the afternoon, but thankfully by 5:15 I had achieved all the sorting, uploading, emailing and delegating that I needed to do, so I sat in a daze until the evening supervisor came to release me.

And thus Wednesday was defeated.

*and have a good gossip, natch.

**the bloody thing was being really stroppy, but thankfully I have a magic knack of fixing it. It literally involves pushing the door down, up, then halfway down then resetting the machine. This makes it work. I do not understand why.

***this annoyed me; I have spent the last two years trying to avoid learning how to clean the ID card printer as it scares me because it’s expensive and temperamental and I would much prefer that other people did it. Sadly I answered the phone at the wrong person and the person on the other end insisted on walking me through it, wah!

2 thoughts on “#LibDay8 – Wednesday

    • We employ students as shelvers; that’s their main role but they also empty the sorter, check any books in the exceptions bin, process holds and take uncollected holds off the shelf, do our head counts, fill the printers and photocopiers and resolve jams and are generally wonderfully useful to have around in busy periods to run errands etc. Each student does about 8 hours a week, split over 2 shifts. Library fairy is pretty appropriate actually, because they basically do all the work that most students aren’t aware is necessary and think happens by magic!

      If you want anymore details, leave me your email and I’ll get in touch.

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