#LibDay8 – Tuesday

My alarm goes off at 6:30am on Tuesdays, and for that I curse them! But despite that, they normally turn out to be good days for getting things done as I’m not scheduled to supervise and I don’t have many desks. I start at 8am so that I can do the banking. We take quite a lot of money in the LRCs; fines of course, but also printing credit, photocopying credit* and we sell stationary, binding materials and ID cards. We also handle money for Faculties who fine students for late equipment returns; they don’t have tills themselves so they have to send them to us to pay the fines! That adds up to quite a lot of money, so we have to bank it twice a week. I’m in charge of the money at this site, mores the pity, so I do one banking shift a week and delegate the other. Thankfully I’ve got it down to a fine art now, so I can get it done in about 90 minutes but it can take up to two and a half hours if somethings gone wrong…

After that (and a tea break) it was time to settle down at my desk for the first time this week! Here is a view of my desk from this morning:

My desk Lots of papers amd post it notes to get through! I quickly dealt with a replacement copy of a book that we’d invoiced, sent off a payment discrepancy form for the banking and emailed some instructions to a colleague. I then finished off the training schedule for my LRC Assistant who’s returning from maternity leave tomorrow (yes, I was going to do this last night but it’s difficult to motivate oneself after 7pm!) which involved doing some timetable juggling so that the right people are available at the right time. Then I spent some time on my invoicing project, speaking to staff in the Systems team about the minutae of how the system works and trying to arrange training for Library Assistants next week.

Helpdesk from 12 – 1pm, where it seems like all I did was swipe a million cards for the UK Border Agency checks which students can now do in the LRCs. Lunch after that, then back to my desk to crack on with invoicing, this time updating the procedures manual. Oh how I wish it was as simple as Find: Talis, Replace with: Aleph but sadly I had to make far more changes and discovered more problems that I need to consider.

To do listOnce I’d had enough of that, I decided it was time to update my To Do list, which I normally do once a fortnight or so as so many of the things I need to do are usually quite lengthy or depend on other people. Writing it out reminded me that I needed to get our Bank Holiday staffing sorted soon; we open two of our four LRCs on the spring Bank Holidays for which I coordinate the staffing. I quickly drafted an intranet announcement asking for volunteers then sent this to HR and the Customer Services manager for checking. Then it was Intertilling time; this is the process by which we make sure there’s enough change in the right places (till, change machine) and that all the machines have been emptied, we do it daily and we each have one slot a week. Today wasn’t mine but I’m training up a new member of staff, so I went with her to check that she knew what she was doing.

Back to my desk and the Announcement has been approved and published; suddenly I am inundated with emails which makes me feel terribly popular, but sadly they’re all just people asking for Bank Holiday hours. They get double pay or double time, so I’m everyones best friend in the Spring! Replying to these takes me up to 4pm at which point I call it a day and head home to do my jog.

So that was Tuesday, a much more productive day than Monday!

*Yes, we are completely antiquated and still have separate printing and photocopying systems, a fact often bemoaned by students. Fingers crossed we join the 21st century next year though!


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