Library Day in the Life Project – #libday8

This week I will be taking part in the Library Day in the Life Project here on the blog (and also a little bit over on Twitter, where I am @funktious) Those taking part in the project use their blogs, twitter accounts and even YouTube and Flickr to share a typical week of their working life. It’s a really fun way to show people what your job actually entails, as well as providing a way for those interested in a career in Librarianship to find out about different sectors.

So to get started, let me tell you a little bit about myself and my role. I’m a twenty something (oh alright, very nearly thirty) woman living in south west London and working in a University library. I’m qualified, having graduated from library school in 2007. I’m an Information Advisor (which is basically a Senior Library Assistant) in the Customer Services department, so I’m there to keep the service running smoothly, make sure the students are happy and work on projects to improve the service in the long term. I also line manage five library assistants.

I’ll be writing one post a day describing what I’ve been up to, and most likely having a rant at the same time. I’m also determined to take some photos to liven up the blog a little bit! It should be an interesting week; it’s the first week of the semester so we’ll be inundated with students, I’ve also got a massive invoicing project on the go and one of my library assistants is returning from maternity leave.

I said earlier that the Library Day in the Life project is a great way to find out more about other library sectors, so in that spirit I have listed below some blogs belonging to other people taking part who work in completely different sectors, I’ll be interested to read about their weeks. I’ll add any more that I discover on the hashtag (#libday8 on twitter) and I’ll try to add links to twitter feeds later when I’m not on the iPad.

Organising Chaos (Law Librarian)
Big Friendly Librarian (School Library Manager)
Theatregrad (Media Librarian)
Joeyanne Libraryanne (Researcher)
Life in the Library Lane (NHS Library Manager)


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