Friday Five

I’ve had this week off, which is why there’s been no post so far, but I couldn’t let Friday go past without something. So, since I’m off to the Zoooooooo today, allow me to present the Five… Animals that students sometimes remind me of:

5. Seagulls
(have you ever seen those films of cliffs absolutely covered in Seagulls, all screaming loudly at each other? That’s what the ground floor of our library reminds me of sometimes.)

4. The Sloth
(students who are take the lift up to the first floor rather than using the stairs, students who complain about the effort involved in getting their ID card out of their bag, students who claim that they couldn’t return their books on time because they live soooooo far away (next town over, with two direct buses) The only real difference is that sloths are cuter)

3. Goldfish
(slightly tenuous, but goldfish have only a 3 second memory* and the sheer amount of USB sticks left in PCs suggests that our students have similar.)

2. Peacocks
(when I was a student we lived in jeans and hoodies. We might make an extra special effort on a Friday night and wear a sparkly top, but we rarely ever changed out of our jeans. Nowadays the campus is full of undergraduates wearing knock off Galaxy dresses and VB style heels, all day, every day. In fact, one of the responses to last years Library Survey was that the staff “look scruffy” which in contrast to our students is fair criticism!)

1. Deer
Students gearing up for a fight always remind me of the deer in Richmond Park during rutting season; first there’s lots of macho posturing and shouting with both parties secretly hoping that the other will just slink off without any actual fighting taking place and if that doesn’t happen, the ensuing fight is just a bit of a let down.** we once had a fight break out in the silent area during exam season; my boss radio’d for security who clearly got the wrong end of the stick and called the police who turned up in three squad cars. The guys, who had barely got beyond the posturing stage, looked so, so embarrassed!)

* I suspect this has been QI’d, but don’t ruin it for me, the whole post will fall apart!
** come on, the antler clashing doesn’t really look like they’re fighting that hard!

4 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Thank heavens we never had a survey life that at my library: I’d certainly have received some negative responses to my clothes. Not a sparkly heel to be seen!

    • Oh, that went into the free text “is there anything else you’d like to comment on” box, there wasn’t a specific question! It made a nice change from the usual “more books pls” – yes, we know you’d like more books, you’ve already said that two or three times, change the record!

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